Pandemonium Club

Pandemonium Club

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The good fellowes at Pandemonium Club hath sought from us a descriptive text for those among ye who may struggle with our florid and arcane language. We thought it worth sharing with ye, for in sooth, the young gentlemen in question work very hard for heavy metal.


A Smithfield ale-house, late summer.

Two unlikely sombre figures sit and discuss the day’s proceedings over measures of mead. Both laird and friar bore witness to the execution and are now deep in conversation about the direction their paths will take them from this place. Horrified yet inspired by past and recent events, they agree that fable, folklore and fact shall be retold in all their inglorious, brutal honesty.

Thus, Hærken beginneth…

From aesthetic to subject, mediæval Britain is their primary inspiration. Myth, legend and actual events which defined the middle ages are retold using methods originally perfected by the bard of yester year in his poetic glorification of battles and folklore. And convention sees the lute or lyre accompany his eloquent melodic vocal, used to charm and entertain goodly folk of the court.

The trouvères belonging to the House of Hærken, however, have long since forsaken this tradition – favouring instead the not so mellifluous modern medium of Metal.

In doing so, and with intention to incite very different emotions athwart those of love and chivalry, they will assault whichsoever ears would listen. They retain the same level of vivid and graphic depiction which, in part, defined the art of the mediæval minstrel but now, the darkest tales of Robin Hood and King Arthur are heard alongside those of lesser known yet already gruesome figures such as Black Annis and Sawney Bean.




Forsooth, we shall see thee anon...