Herein thou maist find, in glorious detail, the list of noble deeds performed under our standard Or and Sable.

To wit, musical amelioration courtesy of the following*, who hath each played their part in the commitment to record of our orchestral opus

“…Of Warriors & Kings”…

Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, bodhrán
Laird Logan of Clan Gunn
Lead & acoustic guitars, additional vocals
Vizegraf John von Alexander, the Black Baron
Bass guitar, vocals, sackbut, whistle
Reverend Benjamin, the Scribe
Sir Austin Cauldron-borne, the revenant Knight

Additional vocals
Eiónn mac Gilling, the Celtic bardoi of Clan Campbell on ‘The Eve Of Bealltainn’ & ‘Torquilstone’

Ladie Shergold of the Greene Woode on ‘One To Defend, One To Defeat’

Ladie Alysonne of the forrestte d’Ardenne

Ladie Dawne at Scyl’Leah, of Oest Tun

Unruly Rabble
Paól y Llwyde, keeper of the peace on Wicgaes Ing hyll
Merrie Allyn of Maydestowne
Collynn, Dux Pan Dæmon Ius de Ad Madum
Laydie Albyon of Celtenhomme in Coddes Wold
William the loyal of Dùn Dèeagh
Thegn Thrasse & Laydie Karin the feith-full of Ulfres Thorpe
Drask the Kürgen of Nunnes Ea Tun
John, the Shire Reeve at Hydge Hyll
Lord & Laydie Corfield of the Redde fjord
William, Wærloga of Wreodan Healh
James of Wyche Woode, the Beer Man, High Lord of Ales

Gaelic Scholar
Ladie Catherine de Lyndeseya of Caer Ffili yn Cwm Rhymni

Latin Scholar
Chan Brendanus of Manzi

Produced by Hærken & Stymphalian Productions

Sound Engineers: the Black Baron, Andrew the Taylor of Duddan Leah
Edited by the Black Baron
Mix & Mastery by James, the Black Stymphalian of Jorvik
Herald Iestyn ap Rhys of Southeton apon Colefeeld
Photography Damian Ap Hywell
© Copyright 2014 Hærken. All melodyes & rhyme composed entirely by Hærken, excepting the verses of “Robert Bruce’s march to Bannockburn” by Rabbie Burns & the greate highland pipes to the tune of the saym.