…Of Warriors & Kings [CD]


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The first collected works of Hærken, set down to disc for thy listening pleasure.

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The first collection of fables and folklore from the house of Hærken.

Here, we shall regale ye with tales of mightie men and extraordinary events hailing from our own fair British shores.


Ode Listing:
01. Exordium
02. King Herla
03. The Eve Of Bealltainn
04. One To Defend, One To Defeat
05. The Wild Hunt
06. Aetas Oblitus
07. A Call To Arms
08. The Kings’ Crusade
09. Torquilstone
10. The Bannauc Burn

“The UK’s answer to Amon Amarth? Quite Possibly” – Metal Hammer
“Thrilling and visceral” – Terrorizer
“Make sure you have no sharp implements around when you listen to this album, you might get carried away. Outstanding tracks are many” – The Midlands Rocks
“Heaviness and melody, solid structures, a deft hand for to-the-point arrangements and the dry vocals are the perfect complement to the music. On a good path to help revitalize British death metal” – Metal-Observer
“Engaging and engrossing with full control, it has wonderful moments to behold” – Brutalism
“The music is very well made throughout, blending complex guitar work with gravelly vocals, as well as sophisticated solos and excellent pounding drums” – Pure Rawk
“Modern, technical, crunchy” – Planetmosh
“Some of the most solid and catchy riffing British Death Metal has to offer” – Thrash Hits
“Up there with the likes of Amon Amarth and At the Gates” – Vendetta Metal Magazine