Lanark, South Lanarkshire – 27/06/14

Lanark, South Lanarkshire – 27/06/14

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Friday, June 27, 2014
TBD - 16+ Buy Tickets
Wiston Lodge
Lanark, South Lanarkshire, Scotland ML11 0EG
Other Info
Welcome to Scotland's only and award winning, Rock and Metal Festival, Les-Fest. Next Festival to be held from Friday 27th June until Sunday 29th June 2014, at Wiston Lodge, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

The confirmed line up so far includes,

Bacchus Baracus, Bad Touch, Bleed From Within, Cambion, Crash Mansion, Cypher 16, Deadly Circus Fire, Defy All Reason, Demonic Resurrection, Disposable, Dog Tired, Exit State, Fallen Fate, Falling Red, Fireroad, Fury, Grifter, GutterGodz, Haerken, House of X, Incassum, Incinery, Inferno, Mask of Judas, Massive Wagons, Nexilva, Reign of Fury, Sa-da-KO, Savage Messiah, Signed in Crimson, Spill 16, Spirytus, Stormbringer, Skreamer, The Burning Crows, The Dirty Youth, Vantage Point, Voodoo Vegas, What's The Damage?! When Our Time Comes and the Wild Lies Stage
Bad Touch, Black and White Boy, Captain Horizon, Christie Connor-Vernal, Curran, Exit State, Incassum, Inferno, Pat McManus Band, Static Rock, and Steel Threads.

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