Rev. Benjamin, the Scribe

Rev. Benjamin, the Scribe

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Not always a man of the cloth, our Reverend’s tale beginneth in days when men yet remember’d the deeds of Bran the Blessed…

One eve upon a hunt, a young Benjamin did’st stumble upon a tree once describ’d in the tale of Peredur, the son of Evrawc which can be found within the tome known as the Mabinogion. This tree, which has since found it’s place as the Hærken standard of or and sable, stood one half ablaze from root to crown and yet the other green in full leaf.

Mark ye well that this tree is, forsooth, at once each; a warning, a sign and a gateway to that realm which suffereth not the foolishness of man. The Aerworld and moreover the foul folk who inhabit therein, did trick our once jolly brother with ale and mead and thenceforth curs’d he with age, returning his then sorry soul weathered and worn to live out each of the years they had so wrought upon his face.

Now, scorn’d by those whom he once lov’d yet knew him not, Benjamin took to the life of the wandering bard, earning what crust he could from the telling of his implausible parable and was, at length, taken in by the Grey Friars of Reading Abbey. After long study into the arts of music and of the scribe and after also having taken his vows, Reverend Benjamin the Scribe was commissioned by the Church to document the folly of man within the realm of spirits. Thus, set to trudge upon his sandals once more, his arduous task continueth to the present day.