Torquilstone live at Bloodstock

Torquilstone live at Bloodstock

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Wæs Hæl, fine fellows and fair fillies!

A twelvemonth hath passed since the house of Hærken did descend upon the hallowed hastilude at Catton Hall – Bloodstock Festival.

To mark this very special anniversary, we wish to share with ye our media memoirs from 2014, kindly captured amidst the blood & bone of battle by our good comrade Mark Smith and his men-at-arms of Darkbox.

An thou keepest thine eye keen, thou maist make out the maniacal mistrels of the mobile vulgus known as Morgue Orgy, who did tournée with us upon the same field of combat.

Mayhap thou maist also descry thyself within?! Prithee, hither send word an thou glimpsest thine own gallant effort!

Procul Clamorem Nostrum Audies.