HRH Metal – Reports From the Front Line

HRH Metal – Reports From the Front Line

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Dear traveller,

However thou preparest for the week to come, we pray ye, indulge thyself in these reports front the front line of HRH Metal MMXVIII:

From Sonic Abuse

Well… Haerken – these wandering bards never disappoint and today is no exception. A band made for main stages everywhere, the band arrive with a typically epic intro, their theatrical presence not only matched, but exceeded by their musical ability. Dealing in stirring, mid-tempo death metal, the band receive a deservedly rapturous response. Even the normally untouchable Iron Maiden are covered with style and aplomb, the band tackling the mighty ‘The rhyme of the ancient mariner’, twisting it to fit their own style without detracting from the original – no mean feat. A stunning ‘Drink with me tonight’ has the whole crowd participating and, by the time the band’s set has reached its conclusion, no one is left in any doubt as to the fact that Haerken are one of the best independent bands currently treading the boards. Memorable songs, astounding stage presence and an original take on a genre you would normally consider overcrowded, Haerken deserve to move towards the headline slot if they can deliver another album of similar quality.  10

From The Revival Music

The entertainment meter goes up a notch back on the main stage with Haerken. Dressed as though they’ve just walked off the set of a Robin Hood film, the local death metal outfit add a touch of theatrics to their solid set. The death metal game has been strong throughout today but Haeken have taken it to the next level. From the front right to the back of the balcony their music is lapped up sucked in by the mysticism and kept entwined in the music.

From Distorted Sound

If the medieval era was bequeathed with the glory of death metal, HAERKEN would be the lords and kings of the land. The Birmingham based quartet brought tales and songs of yore with them to HRH Metal, encompassed with meaty riffs and earth-shattering drums. With Laird Logan of Clan Gunn’s vocals ripping through the air, guttural growls and harmonising highs beefed up the sound and atmosphere through the roof. Rhythmic beating and basslines added extra depth to the performance. With cracking songs including One To DefendOne To Defeat, the crowd rousing Drink With Me Tonight, and a fantastic and heavy rendition of Rime Of The Ancient MarinerHAERKEN dominated the stage and the arena, drawing a hefty audience from the get go. To round off, they were one of the more solid performances of the weekend at HRH Metal, despite being a lesser known act.

Rating: 8/10

From Jace Media

The pretty special band were Haerken, and the biggest crowd so far so I decided to watch from the balcony. Formed in 2012, this Birmingham melodic death metal ensemble just have to be seen live, with names like Laird Logan of Clan Gunn (The Scot) complete with kilt, on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Friar Tuck lookalike Vizegraf John Von Alexander on five string bass, vocals, sackbut, and whistle,.and Reverend Benjamin on drums, along with a harpist and woodwind players you just know you are in for something different. With songs of paganism and folklore complete with flag waver bag piper and a host of different people, they deliver what can be only described as pure theatre: an amazing performance from all involved, and when the laird sang a black metal version of Iron Maiden’s Ryme of the Ancient Mariner for the full fourteen minutes complete with sound effects the crowd went ballistic: the first mosh pit of the day and just blew myself and everyone away.

& Finally a round-up of the festivities in images from Midlands Metal Heads


Keep a wary eye on our campaign, wherein we shall see thee anone.

Rev. Benjamin, the Scribe


Photo Credit: Jay Hawkins, JJ Photography

Forsooth, we shall see thee anon...