Leeds – 27/05/18 – Soulmare Promotions Present Celtachor

Leeds – 27/05/18 – Soulmare Promotions Present Celtachor

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Soulmare Promotions Present Celtachor
Sunday, May 27, 2018
18:30 - All Ages Buy Tickets
Temple Of Boom (map)
Leeds, England LS2 7QG
Other Info
Soulmare presents a special event in May for you to feast upon

Celtachor - Dublin Ireland

Celtachor is a Darkened Folk Metal band from Ireland. Established in 2007 as an idea, it became a full working band in 2010, melding the influences of black/doom/folk metal together in one combined force. The band aims to showcase their own vision of Irish Mythology, playing the music with passion and from the heart.

Celtachor released their first album in November 2012 and their second album under Trollzorn Records in 2015. The third album will be recorded during Winter 2017. Celtachor has shared the stage with the likes of: Skyforger, Primordial, Heidevolk, Fejd, Bran Barr, Manegarm, Suidakra, Cruachan, Wolfchant, Alestorm, Mael Mordha, Waylander, Belenos, Thurisaz, Nothgard, Angantyr, Myrkvar, Niburta, Darkest Era.

Irish Mythology Folk Metal played from the heart with no half measures!

Haerken - Birmingham death metal
In times since long ago forgat
A band of bawdy bards did sing
And growl at all who pass'd to hear
Of warriors and kings

Two lutesmen in their number
A Baron and a Scot
A Druid wise and preistly Scribe
Complete the tawdry lot

Deadlock Saints - Leeds rock/metal
Fun fueled, half naked, alcoholic, bearded sexy gods. Lock up your hairbrushes, bring your condoms and your morning after pill.

Sellsword - York Mercenary Metal
Founded in the summer of 2013, this band of Bardbarians set out to conquer the world with their own take on Heavy/Power metal they like to call Mercenary Metal. Having played gigs around the world, from Bridlington all the way to Manchester, they are currently working on their debut album.

£6 ADV available from crash and jumbo records and soulmare promotions
£8 OTD

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