Our hardy rout came not to be without a throng of stout comrades in arms.
To wit, each hath made notable contributions to our cause, for which we hereby make our deepest obeisance:

Stymphalian Productions – A wizard and a seer, the Black Stymphalian did’st contribute greatly to Hærken’s first compiled works.

Top Rock Radio – DJ Beerman, a loyal and outspoken enthusiast, supporter and friend.

Will Tudor Photography – artist of our official portraits.

DJ Valkyrie – a fair and faithful maiden who would champion our cause from across yonder ocean.

indieWeb – provider of our digital parchments

Damian Powell Photography –

Rannoch – our heathen cohabitants, purveyors of fine technical metalwork, whose members appear with great thanks and humblest courteoussy on our debut opus “…Of Warriors & Kings”

Beholder – battleworn yet triumphant brothers in arms

Razorline Music – notable tributaries for the cause of British metal