Frequently Asked Questions

What does Hærken mean?
Harken or hearken, to give either of it’s correct spellings, means ‘listen attentively’, or ‘give heed’.
It can also be used in the context of reminiscence / recollection, or to return to reference a point in a narrative. This context comes from a call once used with hunting hounds – ‘hark back’ meant retrace the course to pick up scent.

How do I type the aesc (æ – a and e squashed together) symbol?
Using Windows, the Alt key shortcut 0230. Hold down the Alt key, then type 0-2-3-0 on the number pad. Voilà!
For upper case use 0198
Using MAC, hold down Option key and type apostrophe (‘).
For upper case hold down Option and Shift keys, then type apostrophe.

Is ‘The Reverend’ a real reverend?
It has been some centuries since our stout Reverend was formally recognised by a church body, but fain would he inform ye of 1 Peter 2:9 which asserts that – against the common practice of most organised religion – the duty of the preist falls to every believer. As he is the only such believer in Hærken, we have assented to let him maintain this dignity which he held for so many years.

Is ‘The Laird’ a real Scottish laird?
Indeed he is! His land is in Caithness in the far north of Scotland, to where his Clan Gunn origins can be traced.

And lo! What lurketh beneath his kilt?!
Dear brethren, only one soul was e’er truly brave enough to embark on said journey of discovery.
The poor waif was thenceforth rendered mute…


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